Second Day of Sutta Study Class

Saturday, Sept. 29th

Coming Saturday is the day two of Sutta Study class. On day one, we discussed Buddhist Theory of Knowledge as presented in the Kalama Sutta. On day two, we will continue the same discussion, drawing attention to other aspects of the topic and focusing on two other Suttas:

Day 2 Topic: Buddhist Theory of Knowledge as discussed in Canki Sutta and Cula Sakuludayi Sutta

Links are below:

Canki Sutta
Cula Sakuludayi Sutta

Here are the class details:


Buddhist Epistemology (Buddhist Theory of Knowledge):
Kalama Sutta (Anguttara Nikaya 65) and Canki Sutta (Majjhima Nikaya 95)
Ambhatta Sutta (Digha Nikaya 3)
Sonadada Sutta (Digha Nikaya 4)
Cula Sakuludayi Sutta (Majjima Nikaya 79)

Buddhist Anthropology (Buddhist View about the Human Being and His or Her Place in Society):
Agganna Sutta (Digha Nikaya 27)
Vasetta Sutta (Majjima Nikaya 98)
Tittha (Ayatana) Sutta (Angutthara Nikaya 3.61)

Buddhist Social Philosophy :
Pattakamma Sutta (Anguttara Nikaya 4.61)
Sigalovada Sutta (Digha Nikaya 31)
Dighajanu (Vyagghapajja) Sutta (Anguttara Nikaya 8.54)

We will meet 9 Saturdays during fall. It is important that, before you come to the class, you read and be familiar with the Sutta to be discussed on that particular day.

Class days: Sept. 15, Sept. 29, Oct. 13, Oct. 27, Nov. 10, Nov. 17, Dec. 1, Dec. 8, Dec. 15.

Time: 3:30 to 5:30 pm

Venue: Houston Buddhist Vihara, 8727 Radio Rd. Houston, TX 77075

Teacher: Ven. Prof. Basnagoda Rahula Thero