Theravada Buddhism Course Begins This Saturday (from 4:00 to 6:30 PM)

The Abhidhamma Study Course having successfully been completed in December 2017, the Vihara is now providing an opportunity for interested adults to acquire an unblemished knowledge about Theravada Buddhism.
The course starts this Saturday, January 13th, and ends on Saturday, April 28th. It is conducted in English and is free of charge.

Deprived of a systematic knowledge about early Buddhism, some get stuck in illusion, and some have many questions. Only a teacher who has learned Buddhism in a systematic way and practiced it for some time can help the curious learner and answer the questions.

Your teacher is Ven. Dedunupitiye Upananda Nayaka Thero, who has specialized in the Pali Language for his B.A (Honors) from the University of Kelaniya and earned two M. A. degrees in Buddhist Studies and Comparative Religion from the University of Cambridge and Florida International University. 

Class attendance will be marked, and a certificate of completion will be issued at the end of the course. College and university students are also encouraged to attend.

Students will get a copy of the syllabus on the first day of the class. This is a rare opportunity to learn all the fundamental teachings of Theravada Buddhism.