Vihara Programs in June & July
The Vihara will offer the following three programs with physical participation in June and July:

June 19th: Monthly Dhamma Deshana sponsored by Sanka Tennakoon and Thamarangani Adikram family

July 23rd: Vassana Aradana: Invitation to the Maha Sangha for rainy retreat observation

Wasantha and Subhashini Ekanayake family will sponsor this year’s Kathina ceremony.

July 24th: Monthly Dhamma Deshana sponsored by Sampath Hewage and Nayomi Disanayake family. The purpose is to transfer merits to Mrs. P. Alawatthage, Sampath’s mother who passed away 3 months ago.

Wishing you the Greatest Blessings of the Triple Gem!