All about This Weekend’s Kathina Ceremony
Please see below the complete details about this weekend’s Kathina ceremony. You are invited to attend this physical event.

1. Volunteers needed on Friday, Oct. 29th

The Vihara is requesting your participation on Friday 29th from 5:00 pm in volunteer work.  We need to do some cleaning and decorations. Wasantha and Subhashini family will offer dinner to the volunteers.

2. Atavisi Puja Saturday prior to  chanting:

An Atavisi Buddhapuja will be held on Saturday from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm, honoring all the Buddhas. Chanting will follow.

3. Saturday’s dinner and Sunday’s Breakfast Dana for Maha Sangha:

Saturday’s dinner will be offered jointly by Dudley Rajapaksa family and Sumith and Sandya Jayasuriya family around 9:00 pm.  Sunday’s breakfast Dana will be offered by the Vihara members in Clear Lake and Friendswood area.

4. Donations to Bhikkhus during Pindapatha on Sunday:

Around 15 Bhikkhus will participate in traditional Pindapatha around 11:00 a.m. You may bring any useful small items to be placed inside Patta (Bowls). To facilitate your participation in offering Pindapata, the sponsor family will provide you one-dollar, two-dollar,  and five-dollar notes. You may write a check to or change your larger notes and receive smaller notes from them.

5.  Food for Bhikkhus and all participants on Sunday:

As they did in the past, Dasun, Nadeeka, Jamesh, and their friends  have volunteered to cook food for all in the renovated old Avasa building Saturday night and Sunday morning.  In addition, a few families will bring more dishes and desserts to be served to the Maha Sangha. Additional food is not necessary.

6. Offerings to the Kapruka:

A traditional Kapruka will be placed inside the Shrine Hall Saturday. Here are the needs for the Kapruka: Large garbage bags, Pillows, pillow cases, blankets, twin and full bed sheets and spreads, aluminum Foils, plastic wrapping papers, zip lock bags of any size, paper towels, condensed canned milk, disposable white table cloths, dessert bowls, water bottles, and face masks.

7. Parking on Saturday and Sunday:

If you visit the Vihara earlier on each day, you will find a parking space inside the Vihara premises.  Otherwise, you can park by the side of Barton and Arledge Streets on both days without blocking driveways. No parking is allowed on Radio Road. Please do not park on Arledge Road between the gate and the new Awasa building on Sunday. We need that area to be clear for the Kathina procession.

If spaces are not available there, you can still park at the parking spaces of the nearby warehouse at the entrance of Radio Road. Please follow parking signs. From the warehouse parking lot, you have to walk on Radio Road a few yards to the Vihara.

We are looking forward to your participation!
Wishing you the Greatest Blessings of the Triple Gem!