Vihara Improvement Project, Progress as of 5/6/2016

Vesak by Chathuri Wickramaratne


    Today is the day that, years ago,

    A prince was born to take the royal throne.

    Kind and caring, handsome and charming,

    He grew with divine character.

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Flowers by Chathuri Wickramaratne

Everlasting Flower   Sensitive petals you may have, With lustful colors do they attract? And from bud to beauty you once bloomed Yet suffering and agony is where you loom.

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Imperial Bodhi by Chathuri Wickramaratne

        Imperial Bodhi

        The trees are whispering,

        The flowers insinuating,

        Rendering the pond with delight.

        Its ripples immerse in the moonlight,

        A celebration for the day that has come.

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