Imperial Bodhi by Chathuri Wickramaratne

        Imperial Bodhi

        The trees are whispering,

        The flowers insinuating,

        Rendering the pond with delight.

        Its ripples immerse in the moonlight,

        A celebration for the day that has come.

        Amidst the tranquility,

        Encompassed in serenity,

        And endorsed with peace of mind

        The cherished prince had transcended;

        Blessed, Perfected, and Fully Awakened,

        Emerging as the Buddha at last!

        A seed has been planted, a secret found,

        A noble precedent made.

        The path to happiness has been unveiled:

        Relinquishing life for eternal bliss.

        The planted seed, now a towering tree

        Canopies the world in ecstasy.

        This priceless, undecaying truth,

        The light of wisdom, a treasured virtue.

        And accepted with everlasting reverence,

        Remains supreme forevermore.


            Sambudhatva Jayanti!