Vesak by Chathuri Wickramaratne


    Today is the day that, years ago,

    A prince was born to take the royal throne.

    Kind and caring, handsome and charming,

    He grew with divine character.

    But puzzled He was with the world He knew,

    And set out on a journey.

    Today is the day, years ago,

    That a leader was awakened,

    Enlightened with the answers of the world.

    To show the path out of worldly suffering,

    He spread his acquired wisdom.

    And the years and lifetimes of understanding he had earned,

    He selflessly gave to the world.

    Today is the day that, years ago,

    Buddha, who’d be remembered eternally,

    Peacefully left the world.

    And until this day His teachings live

    To light the way towards ecstasy.

    ~Chathuri Wickramaratne