A Sonnet for Vesak – By Chathuri Wickramaratne

A Sonnet for Vesak

Over twenty six centuries ago

On this day when the moon’s bright full face glowed

Lord Buddha shared teachings we could follow

To end suffering all existence loathed.

Today in my white dress and ribbon bow

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What is the Temple for? By Radhini Abeysekera


At the young age of six

I began my days at the temple

Every other Sunday morning

The routine was really quite simple

But a routine was all it was

Each time I stepped through those doors

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Being Buddhist – By Janadhi Seneviratne

Being Buddhist

Being Buddhist means people think you worship the “fat Buddha”

Being Buddhist means explaining the Triple Gems

Being Buddhist means you know the different types of Buddhism

Being Buddhist means people think you like to do yoga

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Poem by Kayshewa Chamupathi

Kayshewa Chamupathi

 Intellectual Growth
A matter of that we believe?
Or of that is observable, tangible.


Shall we allow
control, to dominate;
Swim with the school
Depend on yellowed pages
For a migration towards alleged bliss.
Or liberate;
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Vesak by Chathuri Wickramaratne


    Today is the day that, years ago,

    A prince was born to take the royal throne.

    Kind and caring, handsome and charming,

    He grew with divine character.

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Flowers by Chathuri Wickramaratne

Everlasting Flower   Sensitive petals you may have, With lustful colors do they attract? And from bud to beauty you once bloomed Yet suffering and agony is where you loom.

Imperial Bodhi by Chathuri Wickramaratne

        Imperial Bodhi

        The trees are whispering,

        The flowers insinuating,

        Rendering the pond with delight.

        Its ripples immerse in the moonlight,

        A celebration for the day that has come.

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