Our Beautiful Sri Lankan Independence Day Commemorations

“Every year we are getting better,” one participant said joyfully, and that statement gives a succinct introduction to the 70th Sri Lankan Independence Day celebrations at the Vihara on Feb. 4.  This year we held the most successful of all Independence Day events.

At 8:30 am, flags were raised outside, and the national anthems were sung.  The Puja was held at 9:00 am followed by speeches, children’s quizzes, music, and dances.  Sinhala program moderator Mr. Chaminda Gunarathne, having an experience of presenting Sri Lanka’s national Independence Day celebrations on Rupavahini for 8 years, added more dignity to the program with his profound voice.

Most of all, it was the collective effort of the resident monks, teachers, parents, children, and several others that made the event so successful. Especially, Dr. Suren Lewkebandara’s skillful effort and organizational skills made the program so colorful. Parents of the Sunday School children provide the best support, and they all jointly made the event so successful. We sincerely appreciate their effort.

A note of special thanks should go to Anushka and Sangitha for their great work with music and all the children in general.  Our thanks should also go to Ritani for presenting children’s dances, Hirantha for photography, Danushka for video recording, and Kapila for technology support.

We also thank Lycamobil for sponsoring the event by providing gift cards to the children.

The general meeting of the Vihara was held from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. We will send a separate message summarizing the meeting discussion.

The icing of the cake was the delicious lunch prepared by the resident monks!