Plants are Healthy, Strong, and Ready to Go

If you plan a vegetable garden, it is time to begin. No more cold fronts are expected this year, and our plants are ready!

Wasnatha Ekanayaka, several others, as well as the Bhikkus of the Vihara, have prepared hundreds of plants—some of which you will never be able to buy from plant nurseries.

Our plants include:

1. At least 10 varieties of chili pepper plants, including rare and organic hot, mild, and sweet  peppers (hot banana, very large sweet banana, poblano, very long cayenne: amu miris, small hot: Kochchi, habanero, etc.)

2. At least 5 varieties of eggplants (long purple, white and green round Thai eggplants: Talana Batu, very small eggplants: Tibbatu, etc.)

3. A variety of leafy greens (spinach, kale, chard, etc.)

4. Sri Lankan favorite Murunga and Kathuru Murunga

5.  A variety of creeper vegetables (Bitter melon, Winged beans: Dabala, Pathola, long beans, Vatakolu, etc.)

6. Other favorite vegetables i.e. okra, cherry tomatoes, Better Boy tomatoes, and many others

(Curry leaf plants will be available on April 15th, the New Year day.)

If any pepper plant or eggplant dies during the first month, we will replace it for free. Most of the plants are sold at 10 for $30. You also can buy extra plants for $3 each. Murunga, Kathuru Murunga, and curry leaf plants are $10 each. Most of the plants are placed in 4″ pots or fiber bags that can be planted with.

We are excited to have this unique plant sale, as well as to have our own gardens. Plants will be available at the Vihara from this Sunday onward.

(Funds raised from the plant sale will be used to construct an arch at the main entrance of the Vihara.)