Monthly Sila Program and Dhamma Deshana on Saturday, Dec. 2

The Vihara will hold the full-moon day (Poya) Sila program and the monthly Dhamma talk on Saturday, December 2.

Sila program begins at 7: 00 am and ends at 4:00 pm.

Ven. Upananda Nayaka Thero will conduct the program both in Sinhala and English. Breakfast and lunch for the participants will be provided by Vihara members.

Dhamma talk will be given in Sinhala at 7:00 pm by the visiting monk Ven. Kirama Rathanasiri Maha Thera, teacher of Buddhism at Richmond College in Sri Lanka. He is a respected Dhamma teacher, who has also taught Dhamma at Leicester Buddhist Vihara in England.

Your dinner will be served by the Vihara members at 8:00 pm.