Kathina Ceremony: Appreciation and Pictures

Nov. 3rd & 4th were the days of the Kathina ceremony 2018. Three months of intense religious activities during the Vassana season ended in a grand way with this magnificent Kathina ceremony. It was such a beautiful and well-organized event that everybody praised its grandeur and meaningfulness. Twenty monks and over five-hundred people participated in the ceremony on both days.

(Video and photo links will be sent early next week. A few photos are given at the end of this message.)

Let me take this opportunity, on behalf of Ven. Pannila Ananda Nayaka Thero and Ven. Kamburagalle Nanda Thero, to appreciate those who made this year’s Kathina ceremony a memorable event. Our heartfelt thanks should go to:

  1. The two venerable Bhikkhus—Ven. Sirirathana and Ven. Maithree—who, along with me, observed the Vassa Retreat at the Vihara. They fulfilled their obligations to the fullest satisfaction of all.
  2. The chief sponsors of the event: Jeevana and Savithri Senevirathna and their three children, Janadi, Kathika, and Samudi for their commitment and generosity throughout the Vassana season and their sponsorship of the Kathina ceremony
  3. Children of Sunday classes who danced, played drums, and carried flags in the procession and provided music on different occasions
  4. Music teacher Suren Lewkebandara and family for training  children and providing immeasurable support and dance teacher Ritani Solanga for training the children dance beautifully during the procession, as well as for her offering her specialist skills in traditional Sri Lankan attire
  5. Event Organization Committee and the volunteers (Amith/Rathnamali,  Damith, Janaka/Sonali, Kalanka, Kanchana/Himali, Kanishka/Shehani,  Kapila, Nimantha, Pradeep, Sanka,  Sujeewa/Dhammika, Suren/Asanaka,  Wasantha/Subhashini, Chandima, Kasun, Wickrama, Ananda, Indika, Nalin,  Ruchira, Thusitha, and the parents of Sunday School children). They all participated in planning and doing many kinds of volunteer work such as decorations and light arrangements in preparation for the Kathina ceremony, and cleaning.
  6. The following 12 persons and families who sponsored a Dhamma program every Saturday during the Vassa season: Pinki Dharmathilake family, Pearlanders, Indika Kriella family, Vihara members in Conroe/Willis area, Sujeewa and Dhammika Gunwardena family, Sanka and Thamarangani Tennakoon family, Damith and Ayomi Silva family, Valentine and Ashoka Kao family, Mahesh and Nalika Jayawardena family, Dinesh and Ursula Jayalath family, and  Suren and Asanka lewkebandara family. Each of these families organized one Dhamma program, gave donations to the monk who gave the Dhamma Deshana, and prepared food for the participants.
  7. The following families for offering food on special occasions: Dudley Rajapakse family for offering food to all participants Saturday night, families in Clear Lake and Friendswood areas for offering Dana Sunday morning, Pradeep and Pramitha Matarage  family for offering Dana Saturday morning, and Hirantha and Kumudu for offering Gilanpasa Dana several days.
  8. Damith and Ayomi Silva family and friends for offering Gilanpasa for the monks throughout all-night chanting.
  9. Subhashini, Vishaka, Citra, and Gee for organizing and taking care of donation tables
  10. Madura, Dasun, Nadeeka, and Jamesh and friends who bought food items and volunteered to cook delicious food for all at the Vihara premises Sunday morning. And other Vihara members who brought special dishes for the Maha Sangha on Sunday.
  11. Himali and friends for sewing the Kathina robe Saturday night and Sunday morning
  12. Irani for preparing the Kapruka and helping the ceremony in many ways.
  13. Thushara for constructing the Pahan Pela
  14. Wasantha Senevirathna for many hours of artistic work in setting up the elegant Pirith Mandapa, supported specially by Maduwan Rangika
  15. Ashoka Kao, Andrew, Ayomi, Sangitha, Mahesh/Nalika, Thusitha/Devini, Swarna, Krishani, Priyankara/Shanika, Sanjaya/Chaturi, Lasan/Anurada, Sandya Munasinghe, and Shahani for helping in Kathina day preparations and Avasa cleaning
  16. Asitha and Saliya for playing Magul Bera Saturday night
  17. Danushka, Champika, Sanka, and Buddhika for photography, Video-recording, and preparing invitation card

Vihara members who sent in donations, brought food and other needs, and participated in the two-day program.