Huge Plant Sale by Vihara Members

The Vihara is excited to announce that the plant sale project organized by Mr. Wasantha Ekanayake and several others is going on in full swing. The purpose of the project is to raise funds for the construction of a canopy at the entrance of the main gate of the Vihara.

At the same time, the project is beneficial to the community. Health is our greatest wealth.  Eating organic and naturally grown vegies is the most important investment for life, for by doing so, we can avert diseases, postpone aging and age-related diseases, even reverse chronic health conditions, and stay fit and strong. By encouraging you to grow your own vegetable, the Vihara is asking you to reap those benefits.

Please contact Wasantha at (281 650 3702) or  for your orders. The fixed price of Kathurumurunga (Hummingbird tree), Murunga (Drumstick tree), and Karapincha (Curry plants) is $10.00 each. All others are sold at 10 for $30.00.

We have a great variety of peppers, eggplants, and leafy greens that are easy to grow and disease tolerant.

Pepper  varieties:

Organic sweet banana peppers, Organic hot banana peppers, Very large sweet banana peppers, Sri Lankan green chili peppers (Amuiris), Veraniya peppers, very hot habanero peppers, Organic heen kochchi peppers, Over  8-inches-long hot peppers (Amumiris),  orange Lemmon peppers, Tequila Sunrise Peppers, poblano pepers, cayenne peppers, and several others

Eggplant varieties:

Purple long eggplants, organic small round eggplants (green),  organic small round eggplants (white),  Hybrid Elabtu (eggplants), Organic very small eggplants (tibbatu)

Leafy green varieties:

Welpenela, Gotukola, Mukunuvenna, kale, collard, Swiss chard, Egyptian spinach

Our plants are special for many reasons:

1. None of them are GMOs unlike those that you buy from nurseries.
2. Most of our plants are organic.
3.  Our plants are rare—you do not find these kinds of plants at other places.
4. These veggies offer enormous health benefits.

Some of these plants are available right now; others will be available on April 1. Curry plants will be available only on and after April 15.  

Our entire list:

1. Kathurumurunga/Hummingbird tree
2. Murunga/Drumstick tree
3. Karapincha (Curry plants)
4. Pathola (Snake Gourd)
5. Watakolu (Luffa Gourd)
6. Dambala (Red and Green winged beans)
7. Long Okra
8. Kale
9. Collard
10.  Snow pea
11. Green Beans
12. Very long Amu Miris (More than 8 inches long hot peppers)
13.  Amu Mirris (Green chili)
14. Armanina cucumber
15. Egyptian Spinach
16. Italian sweet peppers
17. Sri lanka Veraniya pepers
18. Hybrid elabatu
19. Innla/Ratala
20. Habanero pepper
21. Karavila
22. Welpenela
23. Gotukola
24. Mukunuvenna
25. Organic Heen kochchi
26. Organic very large Sweet banana peppers
27. Organic hot
28. Organic hot banana peppers
29. Organic small round egg plants (Thai eggplants)–Two varieties–green and white
30. Orange Lemmon peppers
31. Cilantro
32. Polpala
33. Cucumber
34. Tequila Sunrise Pepper
35. Swiss Chard
36. Long purple eggplants
37. Tomatoes
38. Horn melon
39. Tibbatu (Very small eggplants)
40. Loquat (An evergreen fruit tree)