Sri Lankan New Year Festival at the Vihara: Appreciation and Pictures

I am writing this message to express my appreciation of those who supported, organized, and participated in the Sri Lankan New Year festival at the Vihara on Sunday, April 15th.

It was a remarkably successful festival with traditional rituals,  joyful dramas and dances, fascinating games, and delicious food and beverages.  Large crowds attended the event and enjoyed it.

Please see the pictures here:

Our special thanks should go to:

  • Ven. Nanda, Upananda, Sirirathana, and Maithree Theros who helped in many ways, such as in organizing various events, cleaning the premises, and preparing food items and plants
  • Members of the Event Organization Committee
  • Children of all Sunday classes who participated in New Year dramas, dances, and games
  • Teachers of all Sunday school classes and the parents of Sunday school children, both of whom worked so hard in everything
  • Asitha Silva for presenting a beautiful “Ves Natuma”
  • Madura, Dasun, and Danushka for hours of hard work in preparing a delicious lunch
  • Kanchane, Nimantha, Thushara and many others who organized children’s outdoor games
  • Himali for preparing Avurudu food table
  • Wasantha Ekanayake for organizing the plant sale and Nimantha and Aruna for providing plants
  • Savithri Senevirathne who organized the New Year food sale with the help of Pali, Shehani, Irani, Himali, Pramitha, Hirantha, Prasadini, Dulanjali, Sanka, Madushanka and Shanika, and Shyama
  • Indika Kiriella, Kumari Watagoda, Isaac, Savithri, Ajahandra, Viran and Chalani, Ruchira, Boteju family, and Thusitha for helping the food sale
  • Samantha, Mahesh, and Manoj for erecting a beautiful Avurudu Thorana
  • Hirantha, Champika, and Hunter for photos and videos.

Houston Buddhist Vihara wholeheartedly appreciates your manifold support. May the Blessings of the Noble Triple Gem be with you!

Bhante Rahula