Vesak at the Vihara: an Extraordinary Saturday Evening and a Serene Sunday

You can expect beautiful new additions to our Vesak celebrations this year (May 19th and 20th), particularly during Saturday evening. Besides having beautiful decorations, a large number of Vesak lanterns, a Puja, and Buddhist hymns by children and adults, this time we will have a unique program: Vesak dramas on an outdoor stage!

Two stage dramas of about 40 minutes will be performed. One is performed solely by children. You will be pleasantly surprised by their proficiency in the Sinhala language and their skillful acting.

The other drama is performed by both adults and children. You will see a monk, a provincial council minister in Sri Lanka, his wife, and many more! With its irony and humor, you will not stop laughing throughout, but more importantly, you will go home with a profound message.

In fact, both dramas are humorous, ironic, and more than anything else, have profound themes.

Saturday’s dinner will be provided by Anuruddha and Irani Kulatunge family. The Vihara is thankful to them for their kind and generous Dana.

Sunday’s Sila program for adults and children begins at 7:00 am and 9:00 am respectively. A very special Bhikkhu, Venerable Siyabalapitiye Buddharakkitha Thero, a high priest and meditation and Abhidhamma teacher, will visit the Vihara from Sri Lanka to conduct Sunday’s Sila program and to give the afternoon Dhamma talk. He is well known for his advanced meditation practices. You can visit his web site here:

Sunday’s breakfast Dana will be offered by the Vihara members in the Clear Lake and Friendswood area.

Sunday’s Dana and lunch is organized by Subhashini Abeynayake. She has contacted adequate number of families to bring cooked food for Sunday. Other participants do not have to bring food, instead, please bring other material like paper towels, paper plates, paper cups, and toilet papers and large trash bags.

All are welcome to attend!