Vesak Ceremony: Appreciation

The Vihara would like to appreciate the manifold support provided by the Vihara members for Vesak celebration on May 19 & 20.

Photos are here
Three short videos of Bhakthi Gee, children’s drama, and adults’ drama are now being prepared.

Specifically, we would like to appreciate the support of:

  • Ven. Resident monks of the Vihara who provided manifold assistance
  • Sanka for printing the Vesak invitation cards and Danushka for designing the card
  • Current and former students of Sunday classes for preparing Vesak lanterns and practicing and singing Vesak hymns
  • Children and parents who performed two Vesak dramas
  • Teachers of Sunday classes and their family members for their guidance and training of the students for the ceremony
  • Parents of Sunday school children and other volunteers for their support towards cleaning, landscaping, and decorating
  • Anuruddha and Iran Kulatunga family for preparing Saturday’s dinner for all
  • Damith, family members, and friends who offered a Dansala (Free Food Café) to all Saturday evening
  • Community members in Clear Lake and Friendswood area for their offering of Sunday’s breakfast Dana for Bhikkhus and Sila observers
  • Subhashini for organizing Sunday’s Dana and lunch for all
  • Those who sent in donations and those who brought other needs for the Vesak ceremony.
  • Hirantha, Champika, and Danushka for photography and video recording
  • Gomika and Upuli for drama costumes and makeup
  • Nuwan for providing lighting and technical support for the children’s and adults’ performances.

The Vihara wholeheartedly appreciates your generosity and manifold support. May the Blessings of the Triple Gem be with you!