Meditation Program and Dhamma Talk by Ven. Sathindriya Thero

Saturday, Sept. 8

As already informed, Ven. Sathindriya Thero, Buddhist scholar and experienced meditation teacher, will conduct a daylong meditation retreat at the Vihara this Saturday (Sept. 8th) and give the weekly Dhamma talk at 7:00 pm.

Meditation will be conducted in English, and a Sinhala translation will be provided if and when necessary.

Ven. Sathindriya Thero

You can observe either the Eight Precepts or the Five Precepts in the morning at 7:30. Meditation program begins afterwards.

Day program:

7:00 am: Breakfast Kola Kada
7.30        Observing the precepts
7.45        Guided meditation
8.30        Teachings (Kayagatasati sutt)
9.30        Tea/ Coffee
10.00      Guiding to insight meditation (Chitta)
10.30      Walking meditation
10.50      Q&A
11.30      Lunch
12.30 pm:    Walking meditation
1.00       Guided Dhamma discussion
2.00       Walking/sitting meditation
2.45       Tea/ coffee
3.10       Teachings
4.00       Guided Metta Meditation
4.30       End of the meditation program

Evening Program

6:15               Chanting
6:45               Puja
7:00               Dhamma talk by Ven. Sathindriya Thero
8:00               Dinner

Breakfast and lunch will be organized by Jeevana and Savithri Senevirathne family.

Dhamma talk is sponsored by Sujeeva and Dhammika Gunawardena family. Your dinner will also be provided by the same family.

The Vihara appreciates their generosity.