The Employer’s Duty towards the Employee

One of the most prominent utterances of the Buddha, one that is clearly relevant to the modern life, is his expression in the Sigalovada Sutta about the employer’s relationship with the employee.

In this Sutta, the Buddha drew attention to the duties of the employer.The Buddha explained that noble people should honor the workers or employees in a noble way. Accordingly, “honoring the workers” means the fulfillment of the following five duties toward the workers:

  1. Assign work and duties in accordance with their skill and ability.
  2. Pay a salary befitting their work and service.
  3. Provide medical assistance.
  4. Make wholesome food available.
  5. Allow leave and vacations at the right time
The Buddha concluded that, thus treated, the workers would fulfill their duties towards the employer and would work diligently.

It is amazing that the Buddha expressed these beautiful and meaningful concepts some twenty-six centuries ago while some modern employers are still reluctant to implement them!

Digha Nikaya: 31: Sigalovada Sutta; The Long Discourses of the Buddha: 461-469

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