Rohan Jayasundara Needs Our Help

Dear Dhamma Friends: Some of you may have already received a similar message sent by the Sri Lankan-American Association of Houston. If you have already donated to the course, the Vihara appreciates it very much.

We are sending this message to our Vihara members as well in an effort to receive help for Rohan, a resident in Houston area. On Sept. 22, while riding his bike at night, he was hit from behind by a wayward vehicle and was seriously injured. Still unconsciously, Rohan is in Ben Taub hospital. at the Medical Center.

Rohan Jayasundara Needs Our Help

Rohan is married and has 2 daughters who live in Sri Lanka. He moved to Houston alone, just 2 months ago. With no family around him at this unexpected moment, friends and people from the Sri Lankan community are continuously visiting him and communicating with doctors and Rohan’s family as much as they can.

At this time, family members of Rohan are in the process of getting visiting visa to come to USA and take care of him. Doctors have already provided medical statement and many other individuals and organizations have come forward to help in this critical situation in many ways.

With days passing in the ICU and Rohan’s family planning to travel, we are concerned about the financial situation which has already become a burden to Rohan’s family to settle themselves.

If you can help Rohan’s family to offset some of the medical costs and travel expenses, that would be a great help to them.

You can either donate directly through the GoFundMe account (Link is given below) or write a check to either:

Houston Buddhist Vihara

Please write in the memo “Rohan J. Donation,” and if you mail the check, please send it to:8727 Radio Rd. Houston, TX 77075 (whether you write the check to Houston Buddhist Vihara or SLAAH)

Link to GoFundMe account: