These Families Will Be the Next Kathina Sponsors

Two devotee families from Clear Lake–Lalitha Ekanayake and Krishani and Ranil Abeysekera family and Amith and Rathnamali Munasinghe family–will be the sponsors of 2019 Kathina ceremony. Houston Buddhist Vihara appreciates their sponsorship and invokes blessings upon them and their children!

Please see below the videos and pictures of this year’s grand Kathina ceremony.

The Vihara appreciates Champika’s and Dhanushka ’s recording of Saturday’s program and preparing each of these beautiful Youtube videos respectively, Buddhika’s recording of Sunday’s program, and photography and adding links by Dhanushka, Sanka, Kapila, and Gracian.

Saturday’s Video:

Sunday’s video:

Saturday’s Photos:

Sunday’s Photos:

May the Blessings of the Triple Gem be with you!