2018 Vassa (Rainy Retreat) Programs

12 Weekly Dhamma Talks from 6:15 to 8:00 p.m. and Three Sila Programs

All Dhamma programs will be held on Saturdays except on Sept. 2. This is a Sunday program.

No Dhamma talk will be given during the 4th weekend of the Vas season: on Aug. 25 or 26.

On three Saturdays (Aug. 25, Sept. 8, and Oct. 20), there will be three daylong Sila programs before the Dhamma talks. Ven. Satindriya Thero will conduct the Sept. 8 program.

All programs will be held from 6:15 to 8:00 p.m.

  • From 6:15 to 7:00 – Reciting of the Ratana Sutta and Puja:
  • From 7:00 to 8:00 – Dhamma Deshana
  • From 8:00 – Dinner

Each of the monks who have observed the Rainy Retreat will give the Dhamma talks. The Bhikkhus intend to provide a comprehensive knowledge of the Dhamma by covering the basic and main Buddhist concepts and topics.

The sponsors of Dhamma talks will invite friends to attend, offer a donation to the Bhikkhu who gives the Dhamma talk and arrange dinner for the participants. On Sila observance days, the sponsors are not expected to prepare food for Sila observants, for the Sila programs are sponsored separately by the Senevirathne family and friends.

A few days prior to the program, the Vihara will send a message and a reminder to the email list about the program.
The Vihara appreciates your sponsorship of Vassa programs and your participation.

Sponsors of Each Program

August 4thPinki Dharmathilake
August 11thPearlanders
August 18thIndika Kriella
August 25thDaylong Sila program. No Dhamma talk will be offered this weekend.
September 2nd ( Sunday program)Vihara members from Conroe and Willis area
September 8th ( Meditation program and Dhamma talk by the visiting monk Ven. Satindriya Thero)Sujeeva and Dhammika Gunawardena family
September 15thSanka and Thamarangani Tennakoon family
September 22ndSumith and Sandya Jayasuriya family
September 29thMahesh and Nalika Jayawardena family
October 6thDamith and Ayomi Silva family
October 13thValentine and Ashoka Kao family
October 20th (Sila program and Dhamma talk)Dinesh and Ursula Jayalath family
October 27thSuren and Asanka lewkebandara family
November 3rd & 4th (Kathina Ceramony)Jeevana and Savithri Senevirathne family


Vassa 2018

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