Wishing Others Well Boosts Individual Happiness

Source: Forbes
March 29, 2019

Despite the interest in self-care these days, there’s a growing body of evidence suggesting that what ancient wisdom has taught for eons is true—turning attention away from ourselves and toward others is really the key to happiness. To this end, a new study from Iowa State University finds that when people mentally wish others well for just a brief period, they’re considerably happier and less stressed than people engaging in even other seemingly beneficial activities.

The work was published this month in the Journal of Happiness Studies.

One thing to keep in mind, too, is that the study was extremely short-term—it would be interesting to see how the effects worked over a several weeks or months. But one can guess that wishing others well every day, as a practice, would only bolster its effects on one’s own well-being. Other studies have found that different kinds of meditation, including one akin to lovingkindness, can actually change people at the level of the brain. And as the authors write, “Certainly, 100 years of educational psychology, modern neuroscience, and your grandmother all agree that practice increases skills and makes them automatic.”

Finally, the authors call to mind this quote by Buddhist monk Sakyong Mipham, which pretty much sums it up: “If you want to be miserable, think of yourself. If you want to be happy, think of others.”

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Vihara News

Children’s Practices on Sunday, April 7

Children’s music, dance, and drama practices in preparation of the Sri Lankan New Year Festival will be held on April 7th from 9:00 a.m.

Since this is just a practice day, the morning Puja will not be held. Teachers of each class request all parents to bring their children to the Vihara  even though some children have not participated in practices yet.

New Year Food Sale on April 7

Vihara members have organized අවුරුදු කෑම sale this year as well to raise funds for the Vihara. It will be held on Sunday, April 7th, from 10:00 a.m. onward.

The Vihara appreciates the support of Savithri Senevirathne for organizing the sale, as well as preparing several food items. This year’s sale is also a combined effort of the Vihara members. Special thanks should go to Dulanjali, Ganga, Indika, Irani, Lankika, Pali, Pramitha, and Prasanthi.

Sri lanka New Year Festival on April 14th

2019 Sri Lankan New Year festival at the Vihara will be one of the most exciting and colorful events that will begin at 8:00 a.m. on April 14th with the auspicious ritual of boiling milk.

The program includes Sri Lankan New Year rituals, singing, music, dances, dramas, and games for children and adults.

A separate message with complete details will be emailed this week.

Sila Program and Monthly Dhamma Talk on April 20

Monthly sila program will be held and the Dhamma talk will be given on Saturday, April 20th. This program is sponsored by Pradeep and Pramitha Matarage  family. Complete details will follow.