How to Eat an Extra Meal

The Buddha was a strong advocate for controlled eating.  He ate only one meal a day, a lunch provided by his lay followers.  Some days, the Buddha was invited by his supporters to visit their houses for lunch while other days he took his bowl and went for alms.  He strictly followed this one-meal-a-day policy, taking only herbal drinks later in the day.

The Buddha did not recommend the same policy for his lay followers but encouraged them to be aware of “the right measure of eating.”  For the training of his ordained disciples, however, The Buddha recommended once-a-day eating.

Expressing the benefits of taking one meal a day, the  Buddha once spoke the following words to a group o his ordained male disciples:

“I eat only one meal a day.  When I eat just one meal a day, I am aware that I have a very few ailments, a very few diseases, much lightness, strength, and comfort.  You, too, monks, may depend on just a single meal a day.  You, too, will have the benefits that I have already acquired.”

After the Buddha spoke thus, Bhikkhu Bhaddali, one monk in the group, disagreed.  “I cannot eat this way, sir,” he said.  “When I eat just a single meal a day, I have doubts [about my ability to follow the training], and I get confused.”

“Well, then, Bhaddali . . ,” Buddha resumed. “You may divide your normal meal into two portions, eat one part in the morning session, and keep the other part for the evening session.  By eating like this, you will be able to keep yourself going.”

Vihara News

March dhamma Talk on 16th by Ven. Medagoda Abhayatissa Thero

Visiting scholar monk, Ven. Prof. Medagoda Abhayatissa Thero will give the next Dhamma talk in Sinhala on March 16th. Previously, the Dhamma talk had been scheduled to be on March 23.

As previously informed, the monthly Sila program will be held on March 23rd.

This Dhamma talk is sponsored by Sumith and Sandya Jayasuriya family. Your dinner will also be provided by the same family. The Vihara appreciates their generous and meritorious deed.

Annual Plant Sale in Early April

The plant sale project organized by Wasantha Ekanayake and several others is going on well. The purpose of the project is to raise funds for the Vihara development. Vihara members are growing a variety of plants, including exotic ones.

The sale will be held in early April before the Sri Lankan New Year. More details will follow.