How to Reach the Place of No Suffering

Speculations about a place of eternal happiness were very popular during the Buddha’s time. Some claimed that one could reach such a world only after one’s death. Others wondered whether one would reach an eternally happy land within one’s lifetime by travelling.

While pondering on this question, Rohitassa, identified in the text as a deity, decided to consult the Buddha. He approached the Buddha and asked, “Sir, is it possible to travel to the end of the world where birth, old age, death, and rebirth does not exist?”

The Buddha replied that nobody would know, see, or reach by travelling a place where human calamities would not exist.

After a pause, the Buddha resumed again. “Still, friend, I claim that, without going to the end of the world, one would not end suffering,” he claimed. “What I mean is that, within this six-foot-tall body itself I see the world, the origin of the world, the end of the world, and the path to the end of the world.”

Samyutta Nikaya 1: 2. 26; The Connected Discourses of the Buddha: 157-158

Vihara News

Sri Lanka’s National Day Celebrations on Feb. 3

Sri Lankan-American community in Houston area will celebrate Sri Lanka’s National Day on Feb. 3, (Sunday). The program, which begins at 9:00 a.m. and continues until noon, will include children’s and adults’ speeches, presentations, patriotic songs, and dances. Lunch will be provided around 12:30.

We will be sending complete details of the program early next week.

Next Sila Program and Monthly Dhamma Talk on Feb. 23rd (Saturday)

Next monthly Sila program will be offered and monthly Dhamma talk will be given on Saturday, Feb. 23rd.  This is the full-moon day program held on the nearest Saturday to the Navam Poya day, which is Feb. 19th.

The Dhamma talk is sponsored by Sujeeva and Dhammika Gunawardena family. The Vihara appreciates their sponsorship.