Meditation, Vegan Diet, and Cancer Recovery

(This month’s newsletter article focuses on the connection between self-care and cancer recovery. In the present context, the term ‘self-care” means the proper feeding of one’s body and the mind: “You must treat your body and  the mind respectfully.” Thus treated, your body and the mind will gratefully shield you.
Research and examples strongly support this claim. We are giving below a section of an interesting and useful news article, the link to the full articles, and several links to similar writings.) 

Cancer Patient’s Tumors Shrink on Vegan Diet and Buddhist Meditation

Source: South China Morning Post

Global spending on cancer treatment crossed the US$100 billion threshold for the first time last year, which was cause for celebration among pharmaceuticals companies. It was hardly good news for cancer sufferers though, as about eight million people still die from the disease every year, the World Health Organisation says.

In December, with the dollar figure close to its new milestone, Vietnamese retiree Nguyen Bao An was diagnosed with stage-four liver cancer and given three months to live. Almost 10 months after his fateful visit to the doctor, however, the 64-year-old former driver’s health has improved considerably after receiving traditional treatment – absolutely free – at a Buddhist temple and clinic in rural Vietnam. The apparent cure has been traditional Vietnamese medicines, a vegan diet, and spiritual teachings to soothe his mind, says Hongkonger Paul Tarrant, Nguyen’s son-in-law.

Nguyen’s tumours have reduced in size to the point where he has a good chance of making a full recovery, says Tarrant, who, with his wife and two daughters, is a Buddhist.

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