Poem by Kayshewa Chamupathi

Kayshewa Chamupathi

 Intellectual Growth
A matter of that we believe?
Or of that is observable, tangible.


Shall we allow
control, to dominate;
Swim with the school
Depend on yellowed pages
For a migration towards alleged bliss.
Or liberate;
Thoughts composed by oneself
Acclimate for new information
New customs,
And new understanding.


Legitimacy in intention
Aid for reason,
For social norm?
As to peek at ones ambience
A reticent request for return.
Or by connection
Independent introspection
Empathy via understanding.
To disregard impending expectation.


Life as we conceive it
A step in a cycle,
Or a solitary opportunity?
Adventure for one’s own happiness
Or forge for those yet to arrive.
Shall we abandon Earth as we came?
Or allow for faster rotation;
An Inspiration,
An idea.
Or isolate,
And disengage from all that is human.