70th Sri Lankan Independence Day Celebrations on Sunday, Feb. 4th

Rehearsal on Sunday, Jan. 28th

We have already informed our Vihara members that the grand celebrations of the 70th Sri Lankan Independence Day will be held at the Vihara on February 4thfrom 8:30 am. HBV Cultural  Events Team invites you to attend the ceremony.

The team is planning to present a few songs (sung by both children and adults) at the commemorative event.  Some of those songs are:

·         National Anthems (both US and SL)
·         Udarata Kandukara
·         Mage Ratata (Sanat Nandasiri)
·         Ran Dahadiya Bindu Bindu (Amaradewa)
·         Niwal Sithuwili (Amaradewa)
·         Karadiya Gambare (Edward Jayakodi)
·         Shreeni Vibushita (Lata Walpola)
·         Api Okkoma Rajawaru (Victor Ratnayake)

In addition, the children will also perform a few traditional dances at the event. They are now being trained by Ritani.

After the commemoration, a general Vihara meeting will be held from 11:30 to 12 :30.

Shortly afterwards, a very special lunch will be served to all. You do not have to bring any food for lunch or breakfast.

Both adults and children who sing at the event are requested to participate in the practice session on Sunday, January 28th at the Vihara.
Children’s Practices:  From 10:30 to 11:30 am
Adults’ Practices:    From 11:30 am to 12:30 pm 

On Sunday 21, the Cultural Events Team met to plan the Commemoration ceremony.