Frozen Sri Lankan Food Sale at Lower-than-wholesale Price:on January 1st

Tuesday, January 1st at 6:00 p.m.

The importers of SERENDIB brand foods from Sri Lanka have donated to the Vihara a limited quantity of frozen food items as a way to raise funds for the Vihara.  They all have been tested and do not contain artificial additives.  The expiration date of most of them is May 2019. Only Konda Kavum and one box of Athirasa expire on January 21, 2019.

The Vihara appreciates the food donation by Shalindra Silva, providing the vehicle (for transporting the food from Austin to Houston) by Ruchira Pathirana, and storing the food at his warehouse by Gamini Watagoda

Most of the items are sold at less than their wholesale price. It means that each of them is at least $2.00 less than its retail price.

When sold, each item comes directly from the freezer. However, if you preserve it further, you should freeze it again in a few hours.

The sale will take place inside the Dining Hall immediately after the Puja, which is from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

The funds raised by the food sale will be used for future development projects of the Vihara.

“454g” is equal to one pound. Here are the items and the price list:

Item Wholesale Price Fundraiser Price
Athirasa 454g $4.24 $3.00
Fish Buns 454g $4.11 $3.50
Fish Patties 454g $4.16 $3.50
Fish Stuffed Roti 454g $4.00 $3:50
Godamba Roti 454g $3.04 $3:00
Kalu Dodol $5.18 $4:00
Konda Kavum 300g $3.68 $2:50
Parippu Vade with Sambol 454g $4.00 $3:00
Red Rice Pittu 454g $3.30 $2:50
Roasted Bread 908g $3.04 $3.00
Seeni Sambol Buns 454g $3.89 $3:00
String Hoppers (Red) 454g $2.75 $2:50
String Hoppers (White)- 454g $2.75 $2:50
Uludu Vade with Sambol – 454g $5.00 $4:00
Vegetable Kotthu 454g $4.75 $4:00
Vegetable rolls 454g $3.62 $3:00
Vegetable Stuffed Roti 454g $3.46 $3:00
White Rice Pittu 454g $3.30 $3:.00