Dining Hall Renovation Is Underway

Renovation of the dining hall of the Vihara is now in progress. We expect to open it on January 1, 2018 after the New Year blessing ceremony. Please see the pictures below.

A few weeks ago, the Vihara requested parents of all Sunday school children to participate in this meritorious deed.  Most of the parents with children attending the classes have so far donated around $10,000.00 altogether. We have to collect around $5000.00 more to cover all the expenses.

By renovating the building, we expect to provide a safe, healthy, nice, and convenient place for the children to study and use and for the community to have annual ceremonies and Dana events. On January 1, you will see how beautiful, accommodating, and useful the renovation is. We have added many cost-effective and necessary changes to the dining hall. You will really be happy.

Bhante Rahula