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HBV Newsletter – May 2021

MESSAGE FROM VEN. RAHULA       DHAMMA ARTICLES / NEWS / ANNOUNCEMENTS Vol. 19 No.05 5/27/2021 Even Moderate Drinking Causes Brain DamageDespite the fact that refraining from alcohol is a daily Buddhist precept, some display an irresistible penchant for alcohol. There are several levels of alcohol consumption: habitually excessive, social, and moderate. Those who drink in moderation believe […]

HBV Newsletter – March 2021

MESSAGE FROM VEN. RAHULA       DHAMMA ARTICLES / NEWS / ANNOUNCEMENTS Vol. 19 No.03 3/30/2021 Carrying the Burden(Ven. Nanda Thero had sent me an interesting story in Sinhala, and what is given below is its English translation.) Holding in hand a glass full of water and making it visible to the audience, a professor began his lecture.  He […]

HBV Newsletter – February 2021

MESSAGE FROM VEN. RAHULA       DHAMMA ARTICLES / NEWS / ANNOUNCEMENTS Vol. 19 No.02 2/28/2021 5 Benefits of Metta Meditation and How to Do ItSource: HealthlineWritten by Kirsten Nunez Note by Bhante Rahula: Most of you are familiar with Metta meditation, but what is important in this article is that it is published by Healthline, a reputed health website. The […]

HBV Newsletter – December 2020

Beat Depression Forever with MeditationBy Dylan CharlesSource: The Waking Times Doctors and psychiatrists are well-versed in the science of antidepressants. They’ve established a body of research showing how levels of certain brain chemicals fluctuate to affect mood, and they can chemically stabilize someone’s mood with pills. But truly healing from depression involves many intangible factors such […]

HBV Newsletter – October 2020

Where Is the Soul? Various religious groups zealously campaigning for followers, the Buddha’s society produced famous speakers and debaters. They address audiences and argued in public debates, highlighting the soundness of their views. Those who impressed the public most won members to their groups. Succhka, a strong believer in the soul, was such a famous debater […]

HBV Newsletter — September 2020

Is Giving a Cause of Decline? During one of his constant tours, the Buddha, with a large number of Bhikkhus, arrived in the city of Nalanda in the state of Kosala and was lodging in the Mango Grove. During that time, Nalanda was experiencing a famine. Trees and plants produced little fruit and crop. Food […]

Newsletter – August 2020

How to React to a Disagreeable Speech Some profound statements of the Buddha remain unnoticed, and the following is just one of them: “Some are extremely gentle, extremely meek, and extremely peaceful so long as a disagreeable speech does not touch upon them. However, only after a disagreeable speech reaches them, one can understand whether […]

Announcement 2020/08/21

Live-stream Dhamma Talk in English by Most Venerable  Udairiyagama Dhammajiva Maha Thero: Saturday, August 22nd, at 8:00 pm The 3rd of the Dhamma Deshana during the Vassana season will be given by Ven. Udaeriyagama Dhammajiva Thero in English. It begins at 8:00 pm. Ven. Maha Thero is a renowned meditation teacher. Dhamma Deshana is sponsored by Anuruddha and Irani Kulatunga  family. Please use […]

Newsletter – June 2020

There could be more than 30 Alien Civilizations in our Galaxy Note: This research article draws our attention for two reasons: 1. The ancient Buddhist scriptures state that there are 31 planes of existence, You can learn about that teaching here: https://www.accesstoinsight.org/ptf/dhamma/sagga/loka.html 2. Pali Buddhist texts state that life on earth, as well as the […]

Newsletter – May 2020

Meditation May Have Shaved 8 Years of Aging off Buddhist Monk’s Brain Source: LiveScience.com By Laura Geggel While there’s no fountain of youth, a Tibetian Buddhist monk may have tapped into the next best thing, according to an analysis showing that his 41-year-old brain actually resembles that of a 33-year-old. The monk, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche […]