Online stream of events – YouTube and Zoom

New Year Blessing Service Monday (04/13/2020) at 9:00 am

The live-stream New Year blessing service will be held at the Vihara tomorrow (April 13th at 9: 30 am).  According to Sri Lankan time, the New Year dawns Monday 13th of April at 08.23 pm, which means that it is 9:53 AM Monday in Houston. The Maha Sangha will be chanting when the New Year dawns.

You can participate in the blessing service through YouTube or Zoom live-streaming. On YouTube, please open the link and click on live-steaming event.

HB Vihara YouTube link:
Live streaming event direct link:
Zoom Link:

Live-Stream Dhamma Programs from the Vihara

Beginning from April 12th, the Vihara will begin live streaming of the daily chanting that the Maha Sanga continued ever since the corona-viral infections escalated. Chanting will begin at 7:00 pm every day. Please open the following zoom link Sunday and send a request to join so that we can add you to the live chanting. If any technical problems arise, we will fix them Sunday morning.

you can also attend daily chanting today at 7:00 pm through either YouTube or Zoom live steaming. Today’s chanting direct link on YouTube: 

Besides, Sunday’s morning service on children’s Dhamma class days will also be live streamed at 8:30 through Zoom or YouTube. We will confirm later this week. The next Dhamma class day is April 26.

We are also considering  having children’s classes, monthly Dhamma talks, and the Sri Lankan New Year blessing service through live stream. Dr. Kumari Weeratunge taught her Dhamma class through Zoom last Sunday, and it was a great success.

Stay well and healthy during these difficult days.
May you be blessed and Protected by the Triple Gem!