Newsletter – September 2019

The Buddha’s Analogy of Blind Men Touching an Elephant
The Buddha, in principle, stayed away from arguing on metaphysical speculations, but most philosophers and spiritual leaders in his society did not. They argued with, confronted, and hurt their opponents in their habitual effort to demolish others’ speculative concepts. Consequently, the arena of religion and philosophy during the Buddha’s time gradually become a verbal battlefield.

A group of Bhikkhus who witnessed during their morning trip for alms one of such frequent confrontations reported it to the Buddha on their return. They told the Buddha that they had seen an altercation among those who maintained “different views, concepts, tendencies, and attachments.”

The Buddha remarked that those who had a tendency to participate in such argumentation were “shooting verbal arrows from the bows of mouth” simply because all of them had missed the “the true sight.”

To clarify his statement, the Buddha gave the following parable:

A group of perpetually blind people touched an elephant and then began to describe the animal. Those who touched the elephant’s trunk said that the elephant was similar to an iron rod. Those who touched the elephant’s head said that the elephant was similar to a pot. . . . Those who touched the elephant’s tail said that the elephant was similar to a broom.  When others in the group disagreed, they began to fight with each other.

Udana:  6.4.

Vihara News
This Saturday: Ceylonians’ Musical Concert to Help the Vihara
Most of you must be aware that the Ceylonians will present a musical extravaganza this Saturday (Oct. 05th) to help complete the renovations of the old Avasa building.

The show, which begins at 7:00 pm, will be held at Stafford Civic Center (1415 Constitution Ave, Stafford, TX 77477).

The Vihara is extremely thankful for the band, as well as the singers, dancers, and many others, for making such a committed effort. They have practiced about 40 complete songs and non-stop baila for many days. This week alone they will get together and practice three days with Friday being the rehearsal. All this is done purely for charity!

The Vihara appreciates your participation in the concert!

Progress of Constructing Prakara and Ran Veta
Construction of Prakara (enclosure) and Ran Veta (gold-plated fence) around the Bodhi tree and Stupa is progressing well. Ven. Sirirathana Thero, with the help of Vihara members, is striving to finish it before the Kathina ceremony, which is on Nov. 2nd & 3rd.

Ven. Pannila Ananda Nayaka Thero, who will also attend the Kathina ceremony and the opening ceremony of the new construction, has shipped another shipment of beautiful decorative concrete constructions and a Buddha statue from Sri Lanka. That, which will add much elegance to the Prakara, will arrive in Houston early next week.

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